Will you deliver my freight inside?

How we handle inside delivery for our direct and integrated shipments.


Shipments booked within our Mothership same-day local networks do not include inside delivery or labor.  

Direct shipments can be delivered dock-to-dock or via liftgate (liftgate accessorial needs to be selected at time of booking if needed).

See below for more information on different levels of service.

Integrated (LTL)

LTL shipments booked outside of our network in partnership with national carriers can provide inside delivery.  Please select the "inside service" accessorial at the time of booking. 


Here is a breakdown of different freight service levels.

Standard dock-to-dock 

This is when pick-up is done at a facility with a dock and delivered to a facility with a dock.  This is the most common type of delivery and available on all shipments through Mothership (both direct and integrated).

Liftgate delivery 

Liftgate service is when a liftgate tool is used to deliver freight to the curbside of the business or residence. This service level should be used when there is no dock available at either pickup or delivery as this is the only way to load and unload the freight if there is no dock available.  

Available on both direct and integrated shipments. Please select the liftgate accessorial when booking.

Inside delivery

Inside delivery is when a carrier uses a pallet jack to deliver across the threshold of a delivery location.  If a loading dock is not available at your delivery site, for an additional fee, you can request inside delivery for our integrated shipments. This service is not offered for direct shipments.

When freight is delivered to a residential address, inside delivery involves the carrier moving the pallet to the driveway, porch or garage. Carriers will not take freight inside a home. 

If delivering to a business, inside delivery generally means the shipment will be left inside the door of the business. Typically, the carrier will bring the freight a few feet inside the main entrance.  

White glove service 

White Glove deliveries are shipments that require special attention. This often means the shipment will be professionally packaged and delivered, and typically includes installation or assembly upon delivery.

Note that Mothership does not offer white glove service on any of its freight shipments.