Will my freight fit?

Understand the capacity of box trucks and 53-footers.

When booking your shipment please ensure your freight dimensions are as accurate as possible.  If a truck is dispatched based on the dimensions booked and the freight dimensions are incorrect, you may incur delays and/or fees for an attempted pickup. You can learn more about accessorial charges here.

26-foot box truck:

Maximum loading door height: 95 inches on standard roll-up doors
Maximum pallet space: 12 standard pallets
Maximum weight: 9,500lbs - 10,000 Ibs
Loading trailer width: 97”

Maximum dimensions we can accommodate is 48x40x95.

Pallet jack and liftgate service is free of charge for all In network box truck shipments


53-foot dry van:

Maximum loading door height: 100' on swing doors
Maximum pallet space: 28 standard pallets
Maximum weight: 44,000 lbs
Loading trailer width: 102'

Maximum dimensions we can accommodate is 48x48x98.

Pallet jack and liftgate service is NOT included.  For special requests please note equipment needs in the Shipment Notes section at the time of booking.

Note: For specialized trucks such as flatbed trailers, refrigerated trucks, or drayage containers please contact Mothership support via your dashboard for additional information.