Why was my LTL shipment excluded from guaranteed service?

Reasons that guaranteed service may be excluded from your shipment.

At Mothership, we work with a number of the most trusted partner carriers in the country to handle LTL shipments outside of our network. Occasionally with these partner carriers, a shipment can't make the guaranteed service that was requested. We have included a few possible reasons for that below, grouped by partner carrier.

Remember, it's important to select the appropriate accessorial or delivery requirements at the time you book. This ensures you are paired with the right partner carrier who can meet those guaranteed service requests.  

In addition, all guaranteed service shipments MUST be picked up by 5 pm or earlier on the day you quoted to ensure delivery is guaranteed by the date quoted. We don't recommend late pick-up times if you require guaranteed service.

Note that you can book dedicated service from Mothership's direct service drivers when checking out to avoid these exclusions. 

Reasons for exclusion from guaranteed service:


  • Bad weather
  • Deliveries requiring liftgate equipment
  • Shipments requiring temperature control
  • Shipments marked as Hazardous Materials
  • Shipments with an aggregate weight of 20,000 pounds or heavier


  • Bad weather
  • Shipments to: Convention Centers; Private Residence; Food or Grocery Warehouses
  • Shipments subject to Exhibition Sites/Trade Shows
  • Over-length shipment (8 feet long or greater)
  • Shipments requiring appointments and/or specific window time deliveries
  • Shipments 10,000 pounds and over
  • Shipments requiring sort and segregation


  • Bad weather
  • Appointments and notification prior to delivery 
  • Rural pickup and delivery points
  • Holiday and/or weekend
  • Liftgate deliveries
  • Shipments requiring sorting and segregating service
  • Non-business hours deliveries
  • Reconsigned shipments
  • Trade show, convention center, exhibit center pickups or deliveries


  • Bad weather
  • Deliveries requiring an appointment
  • Holiday and/or weekend
  • Deliveries to private residences
  • Deliveries requiring liftgate equipment
  • Shipments marked as Hazardous Materials