Why integrated (LTL) pick-ups might roll over to the next day.

Why did my did my LTL pick-up day roll over to the next day?

When you book an integrated shipment with a partner LTL carrier, we strongly recommend providing a 3-hour window between the ready time of your freight and the close time of the pick-up location to get your freight picked up faster. If you need your freight picked up in the same day you book it, please ensure you provide the latest possible close time for your pick-up location to ensure the carrier can accommodate.  

If your pick-up location closes earlier than 2 pm your pickup may be rolled to the next day.

Please note that pick-ups with our partner LTL carriers begin in the afternoon (typically 1 pm - 2 pm) and run into the evenings (typically 5 pm - 6 pm). If you're unable to book with a 3-hour window that falls within this schedule, pick-up will likely be rolled over to the next day. 

Pick-ups with partner carriers are typically pre-planned the previous day to optimize driver routes and terminal efficiency.  Please note that pick-ups are not guaranteed by the partner carrier for this reason.

If you have questions regarding your pick-up date please contact support.

Pick-up appointments: Please note integrated pick-up appointments are not currently supported on the Mothership platform.  A minimum three-hour pick-up window is required for integrated pick-ups.