Why is my shipment delayed?

While Mothership's technologies minimize shipping issues, delays may still occur. Here's what you can do to prevent them from happening.

Few things are more frustrating than your shipment getting delayed. This can result in angry customers, production being held up, and fragmented distribution of goods. To prevent these occurrences, it is important to understand the underlying problems behind freight delays and implement best practices to prepare for any type of circumstance. The most common reasons for freight delays are:

  • Missing or incorrect shipment information. Sometimes the pickup/delivery location hours or address were listed incorrectly, resulting in the carrier being unable to properly transport the load. Occasionally more freight is given than listed on BOL and carrier is unable to fit or would be prevented from taking additional pickups as a result. This can be avoided by a thorough checking of shipment information prior to transit. Fees associated with pickup attempts or delivery attempts may result from missing or incorrect information.
  • Weather. This is the most easily explained and understood. Natural disasters such as hurricanes can wreak havoc regionally, but also frequently impact freight deliveries nationwide. Blizzards causing ice and snow buildup present dangerous conditions for carriers and warehouse/terminal employees in colder regions. Operations may come to a screeching halt if roadways and terminals are shut down. Although weather is always out of your control, there are certain things you can do to minimize negative impact:
  1. Add a buffer to desired delivery time in anticipation of bad weather
  2. Consider consolidation or restructuring of your freight
  3. Utilize all resources, such as engaging other departments for new input or ideas and be sure to communicate weather-related challenges to your customer service team
  • High freight volumes. Our extended shipments may pass through terminals between pickup and delivery. Occasionally the workers at these terminals can’t move freight out as fast as it comes in. Trucks are loaded and unloaded on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Other logistical issues. Perhaps nobody was available to receive carrier for pickup/delivery, which also may result in a fee from pickup attempts or delivery attempts. Sometimes a port is too congested for carrier to make the pickup/delivery in a timely manner. These occurrences typically result in a 1-2 day delay.

If you are concerned with a delivery delay and need additional support, please contact us via a ticket from your dashboard.