Where is my carrier?

Reasons why your Mothership partner carrier may be stopped or may appear to be heading in the wrong direction when viewing our tracker.

My driver is not on the delivery route - is he/she lost?

Sometimes you may notice that your Mothership partner carrier is far away from the apparent delivery route, or maybe even driving in the opposite direction. What's going on? Our partner carriers pick up multiple shipments from multiple customers and take them to their various drop-off locations. Our system automatically assigns specific shipments to our partner carriers in order to both maximize efficiency and to meet the delivery windows of all of our customers. Rest assured that if your carrier appears to be off the beaten path, he/she is actually on part of a larger route engineered to serve customers like you equally and effectively.

My carrier isn't moving - is he/she taking a lunch? I need this shipment!

Every so often, you'll notice that your carrier hasn't moved for a little while, which can be alarming if you had expected that he/she was already on their way to make your delivery. As we've mentioned above, our partner carriers have multiple shipments on hand at any given time. Each of these shipments must be picked up and delivered from somewhere, and sometimes pickups and deliveries take a little time. Scenarios range from a pickup location having a credit from the shipper that needs to be taken care of before they release the shipment, to a busy delivery warehouse where our carrier has to wait in line to offload and head over to you. These delays can sometimes last an hour or more. Our delivery window is designed to account for these variables, and if you notice that your carrier isn't moving, know that it's all part of the plan. In the rare cases it isn't, we'll have already reached out to you before you've noticed on your tracker. Of course, if your shipment is time-sensitive and you feel concerned, you can always reach us by submitting a ticket to support.

My carrier is headed to the delivery location, but he/she hasn't picked up the shipment yet. Do they have the wrong addresses?

Sometimes you'll notice that your carrier is heading toward your delivery location but still hasn't picked up your shipment. This happens when a pickup or delivery for another customer happens to be located near your delivery address, and our system has allocated their shipment to be picked up or delivered before yours. If you're still worried that you've mixed up the addresses, you can double-check your shipment information on your dashboard, and if the addresses listed are accurate then there's no need to worry. Our system is simply routing our partner carrier in a way that makes the most of his/her day and gets your shipment delivered affordably and on time.