How long will my shipment take to deliver?

Here's some background on transit days and estimates to keep in mind while shipping.

In freight, everyone's biggest concerns are: 1) when their shipment will be picked up and 2) when their shipment will be delivered.

When you book on our dashboard, you will immediately get a sense of when you can expect both pick-up and delivery.

Right in the pricing module, you can see your selected mode of transportation and the number of transit days. Note that for shipments with a national LTL carrier partner outside of our network, estimated transit days are just that: estimates. 

When estimating your delivery timeline, note that the "estimated days" don't include the pick-up day. So in the below screenshot, if you purchased the Best Value option and your freight picked up on a Monday, you could expect it to deliver on Wednesday.

Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 10.47.07 AM

Another important thing to remember: unless you purchase a guaranteed rate (recommended for time-sensitive shipments), your shipment is subject to delays.

In particular, "lower price" shipments tend to see the most delays as these are the lowest priority shipments for the third-party LTL carrier partners. 

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