What is a rebill and how can I avoid them?

What is a rebill and how can I avoid them? Here is everything you need to know about rebills.

What is a rebill?

A rebill happens when our partner carriers bill us for incidental and accessorial charges related to a shipment after the shipment is completed. These are typically related to delivery or pick-up requirements that were not listed by the shipper at the time of booking.

Rebills are typically applied within 30 days after the completion of the integrated shipment. However, in rare occasions, rebills can take up to 90 days.

Common reasons for rebills

  • Residential delivery fee for destinations not marked as residential at time of booking.
  • The delivery location had limited access (e.g. a library or school).
  • An appointment was needed for delivery but not marked as such at time of booking.
  • Liftgate required but liftgate accessorial was not booked.
  • Storage fees if freight needs to be held for multiple days.
  • Weight and dimensions listed incorrectly.

The best way to avoid rebills

  • Residential - Confirm your pickup or delivery location is not a residential/non-commercial area before booking. Remember that a standard commercial business has a dock or forklift and is located in a major metropolitan area (also note if there is no dock, a liftgate is likely needed).
  • Appointment(s) - If your shipment is going to a major distribution center or warehouse an appointment may be needed. Always confirm and add the appointment accessorial when booking your shipment.
  • Incorrect weight or dimensions - Ensure that your freight has been properly weighed, measured and protected. Guessing weight or dimensions is never a good idea and can commonly lead to weight discrepancies that can be very costly!
  • Storage fees - Always provide the best contact number or email address for your receiver to be contacted. If the phone number is invalid or the receiver cannot be reached there can be storage fees applied to hold the freight for multiple days.

Always double-check your shipment information for accuracy to avoid unnecessary rebills.

Click here for a full list of our accessorial charges and pricing.

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