What are the different types of transit/carriers?

A brief summary of the shipping services we offer. Ship locally or nationally.

Mothership is proud to offer an array of shipping options to our customers without the need to qualify or negotiate rates. See which option is best for your current shipping needs.

Same-day local
Currently available in the cities around the country, we partner with a local network of trusted carriers to get your shipment where it needs to go that very same day. Quote, book, and even edit your shipment with ease. This is where we shine. See a detailed map of our local delivery zones here.

LTL or Less-Than-Truckload
If you have to ship outside of our local delivery zones, no problem, we partner with the most reliable LTL carriers for delivery. If you're new to shipping less-than-truckload, LTL carriers organize and consolidate freight at major terminals all over the United States, and then pull two 28' pup trailers (like a train) across miles of highway to the next terminal. LTL shipments vary in transit time, mostly based on distance, pricing, and carrier availability. Quoting an LTL shipment is just as easy as our local shipments, and we provide you the same level of convenient customer service that you won't find anywhere else.

FTL or Full-Truckload
If you have enough freight to fill an entire shipping container and are shipping outside of our local delivery zones, this is the option for you. This approach will typically be faster than LTL because the truck is only carrying your shipment and can take the fastest route from the pick-up to the delivery location. FTL shipments are considered direct since this type of freight is handled by Mothership partner carriers.

Dedicated Truck
What happens if you don't have enough to fill a truck, but you don't want to share your truck or have people in and out of the trailer between the pickup and the delivery? You choose our dedicated truck option. This allows you to buy out one of our partner carrier's trucks for a single shipment. No other freight will be added besides yours, and the carrier will make no additional stops. Besides being faster, this option also reduces the risk of damage and adds a level of security. Dedicated shipments are considered direct since this type of freight is handled by verified carriers on the Mothership network.

While we offer many options for commercial shipments, we do not ship from one residence to another. If you are moving to a new city, we wish you the best of luck with your move and we hope that you love your new home! *If you are a business shipping from a commercial location to a residential location, however, we can help. Just enter your information to receive a quote the same way you would for any other shipment. If you are shipping a pallet or very heavy boxes, be sure to let us know that a lift gate will be required. Please note that for LTL shipments, a delivery appointment will be required by our partner carriers once the shipment arrives to the closest terminal. This can add time to the delivery if our partner carrier is unable to reach your listed delivery contact.

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