Limited Access

A limited access fee is an additional charge added to your freight bill due to the carrier’s consideration of extra service or time, and may be applied in several different instances.

This type of service may be applied to a shipment which is delivering to a commercial establishment that is not open to the walk-in public during the normal business hours of 8AM-5PM, or areas which are not normally accessible via main roads. Examples of limited access points may include, but are not limited to:

  • construction sites
  • fairs and carnivals
  • military bases
  • mine sites
  • prisons
  • schools or universities
  • storage facilities
  • piers
  • airports
  • farms and ranches
  • campgrounds
  • zoos
  • reservations
  • government facilities
  • hotels/motels or resorts
  • hospitals
  • doctor’s offices 
  • strip malls
  • places of worship

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