What is a liftgate?

Liftgates are used when the cargo is too heavy or cumbersome to be loaded by hand. They are attached to the back of a truck and function hydraulically, typically capable of lifting anywhere from 1,500 to 3,500 lbs. They are necessary when there is no loading dock at the pickup or delivery location.

Is there an extra charge for liftgates?

Most carriers charge extra, but Mothership includes liftgates and pallet jacks as a standard part of our direct service. Please select “Liftgate” when booking your local shipment and our system will allocate one for you at no charge. 

We partner with trusted national carriers for integrated shipments, and they do charge a fee for a liftgate. They also may charge an additional processing fee if the shipper fails to mention that a liftgate is required. Prices vary by carrier.  Please select "Liftgate" when booking and your shipment price will be automatically adjusted.

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