Is my freight covered by insurance?

How Mothership makes sure your cargo is covered.

We take the the safety of your freight seriously. We require our government permitted partner carriers keep cargo coverage that meets or exceeds federal and state requirements. 

For verified carriers on our network, required cargo coverage limits are as follows:

Up to $100,000 per occurrence

For national less-than-truckload corporate partners, cargo coverage limits and policies can be found here:

XPO Logistics
Found on Item 20

Old Dominion Freight Line
Found on Item 594
Found on Item 594-1

Found on Item 780

Found on Item 108

Central Freight Lines
Found on Item 452

Roadrunner Freight
Found on Item 780 & 781

Frontline Freight
Found on Item 190 & 196

ABF Freight
Found on Item 780-1

UPS Freight
Found on Item 166

Ward Trucking
Found on Item 440

Clear Lane Freight
Found on Item 190

Custom Companies
Found in Item 400

Found in Item 420

Additionally, Mothership has a cargo liability contingency policy in place to cover your cargo up to the limits listed above in the rare instance a partner carrier accidentally or willingly allowed their coverage to lapse.

If you are shipping high value product and require higher limits than listed above, please reach out to support by submitting a ticket on your dashboard and we'll help you navigate the options.