I'm inviting a new user to my account. Which user role should I select?

A quick summary of the permissions enabled for shippers, accountants, managers, and viewers.

We have different types of user roles available on our platform so you can customize the level of access that each of your teammates has.

Below is a summary of each role and the associated permissions.

Shipper: A shipper is a role that has shipping capabilities but limited functionality in other areas (e.g. billing, claims, people). Shippers can:

  • quote and book shipments
  • share quotes
  • cancel shipments they created
  • share tracking
  • submit claims
  • view invoices/documentation for shipments they made

Please note that shippers aren't able to view quotes and shipments made by other members of your organization. They also aren't able to edit, cancel, or share tracking for shipments made by other members of your organization. A shipper can't invite other team members nor can they cancel claims that they did not create.

Accountant: An accountant is a role for someone on your team who helps with billing but won't be making any shipments themselves. Accountants can:

  • View billing, invoices, statements, add payment methods, invite billing users, download shipment documentation
  • Update/edit addresses associated with the account
  • View team credits and invitations
  • Submit and view claims
  • Quote and share quotes (but not ship)

Accountants are not able to view tracking unless it is shared directly with them from a teammate. As mentioned previously, they aren't able to book shipments, nor can they invite other shippers or edit/cancel claims that they did not create.

Viewer: A viewer is someone who doesn't need to take any actions around billing or tracking but still requires visibility into your shipping operation. Viewers can:

  • View quotes created by others
  • View tracking for all shipments
  • View claims

Manager: A manager is the highest level of access on the platform, with the ability to book shipments, track and edit shipments across your organization, as well as submit and track claims. Managers can:

  • Book, track, edit and cancel shipments made across the organization
  • View statements and invoices for all shipments across the organization
  • Submit and edit claims across the organization (both those they've created as well as those created by others)
  • Update and edit addresses and payment methods
  • Invite additional team members and edit permissions