How do I refer customers and earn shipping credit?

Using Mothership's referral program you can earn free shipping credit, up to $1500 a month

Referral Program

We are thrilled that you are interested in sharing your promotion code. You can share your promotion code as many times as you like and earn as much as $1500 shipping credit monthly.

  • To share your promotion code, log in to your Mothership account, head to "settings" by clicking the arrow in the upper right corner of the screen. From your settings page, select the "rewards" tab

Enter the email of a customer you want to refer and click "Share referral." The user will receive a promo code for $100 off their first shipment.

If the referral enters your promotion code at check-out during their first purchase, after making three purchases you will automatically earn $100 in shipping credit that will be applied to your next shipment.

Promotion codes cannot be retroactively applied. If a referred customers does not enter your promotion code at check out they will not receive $100 off their first shipment and you will not be credited when they complete their third shipment.