How do I purchase additional coverage for my shipment?

Here are the details on our FreightProtect™ coverage and how to add it to your next shipment.

All shipments purchased through your Mothership dashboard have some level of cargo coverage. By default, we include basic coverage for both direct and integrated shipments; you can read more about that basic coverage here.

But there may be shipments where you'd like to add additional protection beyond the basics. That's where FreightProtect™ comes in.

FreightProtect™ is our new coverage offering which features 4x faster claims processing, 100% reimbursement on lost or damaged freight, and the shipment charges you initially paid are refunded as well. 

Adding FreightProtect™ coverage to your next shipment is a breeze. On the cargo details page, just select your preferred level of coverage. If you select FreightProtect™, you'll be prompted to provide the declared value of the freight you're shipping and the added cost for the coverage will be added to your purchase. 

Get coverage

If you have any additional questions about coverage, don't hesitate to submit a ticket directly from your dashboard.