How do I make payments in the dashboard?

Customers who pay on terms can easily make invoice and statement payments directly from our platform.

If you're a customer who pays on terms with us, you are able to make payments for outstanding charges directly from the dashboard.

Head to the billing section of your dashboard. You'll see a green "Make a payment" button on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

You'll be able to make payments either by an entire statement period or as individual shipment invoices. Filter using the "by statements" and "by invoices" buttons on the top of the payment page.

You'll be able to check the boxes for every invoice you'd like to pay. Have questions about an invoice in particular?

Just click the MS number to see the detailed invoice page with charge line items, shipment details, and other important documentation.

Once you select "Proceed to pay," you'll review the total amount and select the payment method that works best for your team (ACH, cc, check).

Once you select the green "Pay" button, your payment will process and a notification will appear at the bottom of your screen that confirms receipt of payment.