How do I book a route?

Learn how to create routes using Multiple shipments. Follow the steps in this article to create routes, instant quotes, and a Mothership Manifest.

Table of contents

  1. Get started
  2. Select a route type
  3. Indicate cargo type & dimensions
  4. Enter Pick-up from or Deliver to information
  5. Confirm your details
  6. Add accessorials and freight coverage
  7. Review your details & book
  8. Get ready for pick-up

Visit the Ship > Multiple Shipments tab on your Mothership dashboard.

Upload your completed template by clicking Browse files. (.XLS, .XLSX, or .CSV formats are accepted.) Need help creating a file for your shipments? Check out this article.

File requirements:
  • All required columns must be included in your file upload. 
  • Files must contain at least two shipments and 200 maximum.
  • Each shipment can contain up to 12 pallets and cannot exceed 10,000 lbs in total. Shipments exceeding 12 pallets or 10,000 lbs must be booked as separate shipments.

Indicate whether your sheet contains multiple pick-ups or delivery locations.

Deliveries: Pick up from a single location and deliver to multiple locations.
Pick up from multiple locations and deliver to a single location.

Select the shipment's cargo type (pallets, crates, or boxes) and enter their dimensions.

Please select your type of cargo and enter your dimensions. You can only select one cargo type but have the option to enter different dimensions for each item. For example, you may have pallets in different sizes.

    Enter your Pick-up from or Delivery to address and information.

    This is the step where you can include information for your route's origin or destination.

    Please note:  Routes must be ready and booked before 9 am local time for same-day delivery.

    Column Mapping

    Please match your column headers to the required fields on the left using the drop-down menu. Easily switch additional unused fields off by clicking the toggles to the left of each header name.

    Please note: Headers with a "*" are required and cannot be switched off. 

    Quoting calculation

    Once you finish mapping your fields, Mothership will start calculating your instant quote.

    Review the details

    In your instant quote, you have the ability to modify the stops, choose freight coverage, and add accessorials. 
    To help ensure all of your freight reaches the proper destination, you can also add the reference #, optional notes, and the dock #. These details are optional but may be helpful for shipments going to large facilities.

    After adding details and double-checking every shipment, you're all set to book! 

    Get ready for pick-up

    There are only a few steps left to help your routes move smoothly:

    1. Download and print the loading order manifest. (Available at the booking confirmation stage)
    2. Stage your shipment at your pick-up door.
    3. Upon arrival for pick-up, confirm the route number with your driver.