How do I access billing from the online dashboard?

Everything you need to know about our simplified billing process.

Digital invoices pertaining to each shipment will become immediately available upon delivery via your online dashboard.

Once logged in, click Billing in the left-hand of the dashboard to navigate to the billing view. Find a visible shipment or use the search function to locate a particular shipment by entering your shipment ID or a keyword associated with your shipment (e.g. business name).

Once you find the shipment you're looking for, scroll down to the documents section and select "Request Invoice." The invoice you selected will be emailed to you promptly.

Billing statements will display your account's previous balance and the breakdown of any new charges. You may see additional fees for accessorials or incidentals that were added after booking the shipment. If you receive a rebill, you will receive a separate document via email outlining the charges, but these extra fees will be visible on the weekly billing statement as well.

If the amounts on your bank statement do not match the amounts on your invoices, please contact support and we'll resolve your issue.