How do account credits work?

Everything you need to know about where to find credits on your dashboard and how they work.

When you earn a credit on your account, you'll be able to find the credit right here in the Settings section of your dashboard. The number of credits available will be clearly listed below your payment methods.

Note any credits are automatically applied to your next shipment booked with us. 


There are two primary ways you can earn credits on your Mothership account.

1. Referrals: When you refer a customer from the Rewards section of your dashboard, they'll receive an email with a promo code to use on their first shipment. Once the referred customer uses the promo code and makes their third shipment, a $100 credit will automatically be placed on your account.

2. Support: In some rare instances, you may receive credit from our support team. 

One other note: Credits are different from promotional codes. A promotional code has to be input when you're purchasing in order to discount your shipment; a credit will apply to your shipment automatically. 

Users with an Accountant login can view the amount due and available credit at the top of the billing overview.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team by submitting a ticket