How can I track my local shipment?

Everything you need to know about tracking your local shipments in our real-time tracking dashboard.

Where can I track my shipment?

Visit, log-in to your dashboard, click Tracking on the menu on the left side. To search for a specific shipment within the tracking dashboard, you can either find the shipment on this tracking view or enter the reference number or a keyword associated with the shipment (e.g. business name) in the search field. 

You can share tracking with teammates directly from this page using the "Share tracking" link located in the top right corner of the map.

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Common Tracking Questions

My carrier is not on the delivery route. Is he/she lost?

Sometimes you may notice that your carrier is far away from the apparent delivery route, or maybe even driving in the opposite direction. What's going on? Our partner carriers pick up shipments from multiple customers and take them to their various drop-off locations. Our system automatically assigns shipments to drivers in a specific order to maximize efficiency and meet the delivery windows of every customer. Rest assured that if your carrier appears to be away from the delivery path, they are on part of an optimized route engineered to serve all customers on the route equally and effectively.

My carrier isn't moving. Is he/she taking a lunch? I need this shipment!

Every so often you may notice that your carrier hasn't moved for a little while, which can be alarming if you expected that he/she was already on their way to make your delivery. 

As we've mentioned above, our partner carriers have multiple shipments on hand at any given time. Each of these shipments must be picked up and delivered from somewhere, and sometimes pickups and deliveries take a little time. For example, a carrier may be handling a shipment at a busy warehouse before heading to your pickup or delivery destination. These delays may last an hour or more, and our delivery window is designed to account for these variables. In the rare case that we expect your shipment to fall outside of the assigned delivery window, we will reach out to you with a solution before you notice any delay on your tracker.

It appears my carrier is stopped near the pickup/delivery location, but he/she hasn't arrived yet. Are they having trouble finding the building?

Sometimes you'll notice that your carrier is stopped nearby your pickup or delivery location but still hasn't arrived. This may happen when a pickup or delivery for another customer is located near your address and our system has allocated their shipment to be picked up or delivered before yours. 

Oh no, I think my pick-up/delivery address might be incorrect! What should I do?

You can double-check your shipment information in the tracking dashboard if there is concern about the accuracy of the address. If the address is inaccurate, click here to learn how to change a pickup/delivery address.