How can I invite my teammates?

We know freight shipping is a team effort. We made it easy for you to invite your teammates with different notification settings for enhanced productivity. 

Just visit the "People" section of your dashboard to see your entire team and invite new team members to join.

Note that only managers are able to invite new team members.

Team Member Types

Invite team members at varied access levels to make freight shipping even easier. When you invite someone to your team, you can set the types of notifications they receive.  

Manager or Supervisor

Receive all notifications related to shipping and billing. Able to quote, book, ship, manage payments, and invite team members.


Receive billing notifications only. Able to manage payment settings.


Receive shipping notifications only. Able to quote and book shipments.


Able to view shipments and tracking but unable to quote or book shipments.

Click this link to go to your dashboard and add teammates.