Cancellation Fee

All of the details for when fees apply due to cancellations.

If you need to cancel a shipment, you will not be charged a fee if your shipment is not yet assigned to a driver. However, fees will apply if a driver has been allocated to pickup or is en route. The fee starts at $49 for direct shipments. Cancelation fees vary by LTL carrier for integrated shipments.

Please reference the guide below for additional detail.

Unallocated - the automatic dispatch is waiting to be deployed following the ready time of your shipment.

Finding driver - the automatic dispatch has been deployed and a driver is being located.

Driver allocated - the dispatch has been accepted and a driver is now assigned.

Driver en-route - the driver assigned is now on the way to pick up your freight.

You can find the shipment status in the timeline on the shipment tracking page.

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