CFS fees, short for Container Freight Station fees, are charges that relate to increased time for the carrier at a freight station during loading, unloading, or consolidation. Carriers are often required to process paperwork and wait in long dock lines which may result in a CFS fee.


The CFS accessorial must be selected when booking the shipment.

Delivery Orders must be provided before 2pm the day prior to the pick-up date.

All documents must be sent to our support team with the container number and piece/pallet count in the subject line of the email. This is to ensure reliability of pick-up and delivery of your freight. These documents include:

  • Master BOL #
  • House BOL #
  • Delivery Order #
  • Carton count
  • Payment receipts¬†

One Delivery Order Per Shipment

Multiple DOs will require you to book separate shipments per each DO. This will ensure no shipments are missed during pick up.

Click here for a full list of our accessorial charges and pricing.

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