If you booked same-day local delivery and are tracking your shipment, you may be wondering if the Mothership partner driver allocated to your shipment will actually be able to pick up and drop off your freight in the same day. Don't worry, same-day service is our specialty and we will do everything in our power to ensure timely pick-up and delivery. If you are concerned with the location of the Mothership partner driver in relation to your freight route, please refer to "Common Tracking Questions" in the Track a Shipment guide.

If you haven't yet booked a shipment but would like same-day service, please refer to our Same-Day Local Delivery guide to learn how to guarantee same-day pickup and delivery.

Out-of-Network and FTL shipments that are outside of a local zone will not be picked up and delivered in the same day. Next-Day shipments may occasionally be picked up and delivered on the same day at no extra charge if it creates a more efficient route.

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