An accessorial charge is a fee applied for any service performed beyond normal dock-to-dock pick-up and delivery expectations. If you need special freight handling, select the proper accessorials for both pick-up and delivery when booking and additional fees may be applied.

Additional charges may also occur if additional labor and time is needed to deliver the shipment and will be sent as rebills.

These fees include but are not limited to the below, and all listed pricing reflects in-network fees unless otherwise noted:

Standard Accessorials

Liftgate Free for in-network

Trade show $30 flat fee and first 20 minutes free, then $7 per 10 mins

CFS $30 flat fee and first 20 minutes free, then $7 per 10 mins

Inside Service $10 flat fee

Residential Service Free for in-network. Please note that Mothership does not accommodate residential pick-ups.

Hazmat Free for in-network

Alcohol Free for in-network

Limited Access Free for in-network

Drayage Accessorials

Chassis $29 per day 

Split Chassis $159 flat fee

Pre-Pull $109 flat fee

Stop Off $129/stop

Drop / Bobtail Fee Varies by location

Overweight Fee $20 flat fee plus any pallet over 900 lbs is billed as an additional pallet pro-rated $10 for each 450 lbs

Tri-Axle Fee 2 days included, $159 after 2 days

Container Storage $49/day

Other Fees

Pickup/Delivery Address Change $49 flat fee if driver is near the pickup location or en route to delivery

Tolls $20 for Northern California and $48 for New York/New Jersey

Wait time (Dedicated/Full Truckload) 45 minutes free, then $7 per 10 minutes

Wait time (Local) 20 minutes free, then $7 per 10 minutes

Driver Assistance $10 per 10 minutes, no inside delivery, hand load / unload

Delivery Labor $30 for 20 minutes of removing a shipment from the truck

Pickup Attempt $49 per attempt

Delivery Attempt $49 per attempt

Pallet Storage Not applicable for in-network, varies for out-of-network

Valley Zone Fee $10 flat fee for any shipment going in or out of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles

Additional Pallets $15/per pallet and up

Cancellation Fee $49 minimum to cancel in-network shipments. Fees for out-of-network LTL shipments vary by carrier and start at $199

Out-of-Network Accessorial Charges

For many of the above accessorials, you may be charged differently based on which carrier is handling your freight. Get an instant quote to see how much you'll be charged when you add accessorials to your shipment.

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