Mothership's Same-Day Guarantee

We love being the fastest freight carrier around! If you are shipping within one of our local zones, you can get your freight picked up and delivered in a single day. To be eligible for our Same-Day option you must allow a 3-hour window between ready for pickup time and both origin and destination closing times. For example, if your warehouse closes at 4pm and the warehouse you are delivering to closes at 5pm, your freight must be ready for pickup at 1pm or earlier. 

Mothership will service requests for same day shipments until 6pm. 

How to Book Same-Day Freight Shipping

Please check the Same-Day guarantee box at checkout. Please note that additional fees may be incurred if booking after 1pm.


Here's our pricing for same-day and next-day deliveries:

Book before 1pm

Both same-day and next-day delivery starts at $49

Book after 1pm

Same-day delivery - dynamic price*
Next-day delivery starts at $49

*After 1pm our same-day delivery price will gradually increase as it becomes more difficult to facilitate those shipments before end-of-day.

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