What is a freight claim?

A claim is a written request for reimbursement for loss and damage to a shipment. A claim should describe the manner in which the goods are damaged or lost and should include an itemized list of product damage/loss and its cost and/or cost incurred to recoup or salvage. 

Where can I find the Mothership freight claim form?

If your shipment is lost or damaged, please fill out the Damage & Loss Claim form immediately and include the following information to have your claim processed as quickly as possible:

Damaged Freight

  • Shipment ID (MS123456 - sample)
  • Detailed photos of freight at pick up (if available)
  • Detailed photos of the damaged freight or equipment (if available)
  • A detailed description of the incident and damage (e.g. number of boxes or pallets, value of items)
  • Commercial invoice
  • Any salvage/repair information

Lost Freight

  • Shipment ID (MS123456 - sample)
  • Detailed photos of freight at pick up and inventory list of shipped (if available)
  • A detailed description of lost items (e.g. number of boxes or pallets, value of items)

Once you have filled out this form or contacted the Mothership support team, we will file a claim with the carrier or with the independent contractor's insurance on file to resolve your case.

How quickly should I follow a claim?

Claims should be filed in a timely manner to allow inspection, salvage, mitigation and investigation of the damage or loss before change in the condition of the product or claim situation occurs. Although a claimant has at least 9 months from date of delivery to file a claim with the carrier, prolonged filing times prohibit a thorough review of all aspects of the claim, so we urge the claim to be filed as quickly as possible. A claim should be filed for all lost and damaged freight. It is important to mark the proof of delivery when damaged, or suspected damage, has taken place. 

Does the timeline differ when freight is lost vs. damaged?

When freight is lost, the Mothership team will notify you immediately after we are made aware. We then immediately contact all terminals involved in the shipment and send out a notification with a description of the missing freight. We pass along the claim form to the customer if the freight is lost for 2 days. On the 5th day, Mothership considers the freight lost and requests the customer to file a claim.  

What does the claims process look like and how long does it take? 

Upon notification of loss/damage, Mothership will conduct a review process with the underlying carrier and associated facility, requesting all documentation. The customer will complete Claim Form, then Mothership will submit the entire claim to the carrier & respective insurance provider for review. The carrier will review and research the shipment to identify the validity of the claim. The carrier is legally required to conclude the claim in 120 days.

What if my claim is denied?

If additional information becomes available after a claim is declined, Mothership will file a rebuttal. 

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