Adding Your First Payment Method

Adding a payment method is required for booking shipments. Review the options below, then log in and visit Account > Manage Payment > Add Payment to set up your desired payment method. 

Option one (recommended): Link a bank account (ACH)

Mothership has partnered with major banks to securely connect and authenticate your bank account in seconds. 

Adding a bank account ensures zero transaction fees and prevents hitting credit card limits for more costly shipments. 

We partner with the following banks for easy billing:

Don't see your bank when signing up for ACH? Please email [email protected] and we'll help you find a solution in 3-5 business days. For urgent transactions, connect a credit or debit card by following the steps below.

Option two: Use a credit or debit card

Mothership accepts most major credit cards. A 2.9% processing fee will apply to all credit and debit card transactions.

Mothership does not offer terms for shipments - we only accept the aforementioned payment methods. If your freight shipping spend exceeds $500,000 yearly, please email [email protected].

Adding Multiple Payment Methods

Multiple payment methods can be added to a single account. Once the initial payment method has been established, log in and navigate to Billing > Payment Method > Add Payment Source to add additional sources.

Changing a Payment Method

If you've established multiple payment methods, you can easily change your desired source of payment. Log in and navigate to Billing > Payment Method, then select the bank account or card that suits your needs. Payment methods cannot be deleted once added.

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